• Awesome Activities to Enjoy an Amazing Vacation in Antigua and Barbuda

    Impossible for anyone to believe that such places do even exist! Dreamy sunny beaches and warm locales, with a constant heartfelt weather throughout the year, Antigua and Barbuda Islands are the two most splendid islands on planet earth to spend an unforgettable holidays in. These Caribbean islands make the most beautiful destination for the nature lovers to make an ideal getaway. Rental homes provide great luxury and perfect comfort for an undeniably romantic getaway, at reasonable prices.

    Antigua and Barbuda are the twin islands situated in between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is nicknamed as “The Land of 365 Beaches”, due to numerous beaches neighboring the islands. They are low-laying islands whose terrain has been influenced by the limestone formations, other than the volcanic activities.

    Here are some list of activities that will make your outing worth the trip.

    Stingray City – Antigua

    Stingray City – Antigua

    A great expedition swim along and hand feed little squids to the amazing petite stingrays. An eventful boat ride of ten minutes, is what brings out the travelers for the real fun. Snorkel around the reefs and explore the variety of tropical fishes, or rope off in the waist-high water to meet the wide variety of stingrays standing in the crystal clear waters. Make your little ones happy with this wonderful activity, worth spending just $50 on, for an unforgettable sport to experience around.

    Valley Church Beach – Antigua

    Valley Church Beach - Antigua

    Try out spending some quiet time on the Valley Church Beach rather than Jolly Beach Island, for its blindingly white sand and the sparkling shade of blue water. Shade and bathing facilities are available on the beach, with rental umbrellas, beach chairs and jet skis. It is considered to be a solid choice to enjoy sunbathing and swimming, apart from the peak time of cruise arrivals, where you can relish the tasty drinks and delicious food.

    17 Mile Beach – Barbuda

    17 Mile Beach – Barbuda

    Wondering why is this beach named as 17 Mile Beach? Its pink sand beaches, clear blue-green waters and spotlessly clean long coastline are the reason behind it. Bring all our beach paraphernalia like sunscreen, snacks, water, and towels, to spend a marvelous day here, for a less crowded, non-commercialized beach. You might even have a chance to have the whole place to yourself if you get lucky.

    The Caves at Two Foot Bay – Barbuda

    The Caves at Two Foot Bay – Barbuda

    Even though the caves are located near the carpark, it can be difficult to find them as they are not signposted. The specialty of these caves is that they are underground caverns where the paintings decorated by the native Arawak Indians and the petroglyphs can still be noticed. Rent vehicles to find and reach the caves, as the island does not provide any local transportation, also requires good climbing skills.

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  • Four Amazing Extreme Sports to Try Out This Spring Break

    Get light people, spring is here! It’s that time of the year where you can do all your favorite activities, go on amazing vacations with your loved ones, and take out on an adventurous break off, from your mundane daily routine.  There are multiple reasons for why we love spring season so much, like:

    • Lighter clothes: you can get rid of the heavy bulky layers of clothing of winters, and feel light with soft and comfortable light ones.
    • Longer and warmer days: you get more sun and a little warmness in the weather.
    • Beautiful baby animals: what could be said more! Who doesn’t love to see cute little ones with your kids getting along with them?
    • Grow Out the green: plant more and more trees or flowers or plants, for a better and cooler summer ahead.
    • Go on a picnic: best time of the year to spend out some crazy family moments with your kids and loved ones.

    With a long list of reasons, more than the ones listed above, spring is undoubtingly favorite season of many travelers as well, where they get to try out several extreme sports and live life to the fullest.

    Many of these activities include:

    1. Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

    Experience the thrilling adventure of exploring the underwater wildlife of amazing sea living creatures with scuba diving, done with the help specialized underwater gears for breathing.

    There are numerous countries which provide instructors for this amazing sport activity, before you try jumping in yourself, like Mexico, Florida Keys, Bahamas, Bay Islands, Hawaii, Australia, and many more.

    1. Surfing


    Float on the waves of mesmerizing crystal clear water of Caribbean Ocean or the Australian Pacific, and discover your perfect wave. Surfing is available in almost every country with big oceans, and is an exhilarating practice for the expedition lovers.

    Surfing usually refers to the act of riding a wave, with a board, varying on the kind of ocean and the intensity of the waves.

    1. Camping


    Backpacks, tents, outdoor cooking supplies, sleeping bags, air mattresses, hiking and camping gears, and first-aid kits, are some of the essentials counted in the camping exploration.

    Go out in the open, into the lap of nature, to seek some serenity in the beauty of stunning mountains and valleys, with your loved ones this spring, and enjoy creating memorable instants.

    1. Hiking and Biking

    Hiking and Biking

    Sweat out extra calories, which you might have put on during winters. Go on hiking and biking trip to the mountains, and enjoy the reconnoitering the amazing trails with your partner for a fun spring activity.

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  • Holiday Vacations Travel

    6 Lesser Known Myths and Facts You Need To Know Before Travelling To South Africa

    Top places of myths and legends

    Being a country of beautiful wildlife and beaches, South Africa is not just famous for these two, but it is well-known as a Land of Myths and legends.

    Here are some of the eye-opening true facts that will burst your myths about the country and help you extend your travelling experience to the fullest.

    Cape Agulhas

    cape agulhas

    Cape Agulhas

    For all the people who have been in thinking that Cape of Good Hope is the southernmost tip of the continent Africa, then this is a myth buster for all of you. Cape Agulhas, located 170 kilometers away from Cape of Good Hope, is the actual southernmost tip of Africa.

    Baobabs, in Limpopo 

    Baobabs, in Limpopo

     Tree Bar in Limpopo

    There’s a great tree where you can have a drink inside one. The largest baobab tree in the world, is now believed to be hollow from its trunk, and now have been turned into a bar, with 22meters of height and 47 meters of diameter. The pulp released form the baobab trees is used to produce baking ingredients, seeds are used for making oil after roasting, and the fruits of the trees are used for making lemonade-type drinks.

    2 Noble Prize Winners at One Street

    2 Noble Prize Winners at One Street

    Welcome to Soweto

    Both the Former President and Former Anglican Archbishop, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu respectively, lived a few doors away from each other on the streets of Vilakazi, near Johannesburg in Soweto.

      ‘Summer’ Skiing

    Summer skiing

    Family  Summer Skiing

    Afriski in Lesotho’s Maluti Mountains and Tiffendell Ski Resort in Eastern Cape Highlands, are the only two places where you can enjoy downhill skiing adventure in summers as well, between the months of June to August.

    Sailor’s Bump

    Sailor’s Bump

    Sailor’s Bump

    South Africa is the world’s most popular place known for more than 2000 shipwrecks off the South African Coast, where most of them are dated back to at least 5oo years old.

    The Palace of Lost City

    The Palace of Lost City

    The Palace of the Lost City

    Almost 2 million plants, trees and shrubs, the palace is surrounded by the manmade botanical jungle in around 25 hectares. The Palace of lost City is known as the world’s largest themed resort hotel.

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  • Cherish Your Memories of Your Summer Holidays Trip

    Holidays are the most important and memorable parts of our lives. Planning trips to places with your family is what makes your life happy and interesting. Make this summer a time to remember the most adventurous or relaxing experiences, with our listed top destinations.

    Top 5 Destinations to visit this Summer


    vacation rentals peru

    The Family in Machu Picchu

    A divine place to travel while sulking your soul in the beauty if it, Peru is famous for its majestic ruins and its vast panorama. The breathtaking sites of Machu Picchu and the royal Incan archeological sites will make your trip memorable. With the summer festivities to enjoy, a high-altitude melting pot of Amerindian and mestizo culture can be seen in Peru.


    rentals property

    Temple of Olympian Zeus

     Greece, a country of the Gods, was a mesmerizing place built in 340 B.C., buried for nearly 1400 years, is renowned for its reserved limestones tiers and near perfect acoustics. Experience the international ancient Greek theatre with various Greek productions. Visit from the beautiful Temple of Olympian Zeus to the Acropolis, as well as the Treasure in the Archeological Museums.


    vacation home for rent

    Sydney  Opera House

    Discover the marvelous Sydney Opera House, which looks like a great origami sailboat floating in a harbor, or escape the heat by hitting the slopes in the Victoria’s ski country. Australia is known for its extravagant beauty in nature and fauna.

    Visit the Museum of Contemporary Arts or enjoy the epic view of the city from the Sydney Tower Eye. Let your kids enjoy a ride with the kangaroos of Australia.


    Efail tower

    Eiffel Tower

    The city of lights, Paris is famous for its ambience and being the most romantic city in the world, it’s the best destination for vacations for couples. Apart from the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, Paris has a vast collection of art and divine cuisine. “A Moveable Feast” as recalled by the great Ernst Hemingway in his memoir, this place has a lot to offer to travel around. Awaken your spirit at Notre Dame, bargain hunt at the Marché aux Puces de Montreuil or for goodies at the Marché Biologique Raspail, then cap it all off with a risqué show at the Moulin Rouge.


    vacation home rent

    Wildlife Sanctuary

     Who doesn’t like to explore the nature at its best! Hawaii is the ultimate place for a combination of national parks/wildlife sanctuaries to sandy beaches, perfect for everyone, from couples to families and kids. Divided in 6 islands, this place is heaven for the nature lovers.

    Hawaiian Spa

    Hawaii Spa

    With a vast range of places to stay and feeding your taste buds the best of Hawaiian seafood, you can also spend your day on the beach while sunbathing or relax your mind and body with spa at the end of the day.

    With great memories to be cherished this summer, pack your bags and plan your trips with Vacation Home Rentals, to explore the magnificent beauty of these top 5 destinations with your family and kids , or spend some romantic alone time with your soulmate. Check the suitable deals at http://www.vacationhomerentproperty.com and enjoy your vacations.

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  • Travel

    Pets are One of the Best Companions to Go for a Holiday Trip with you

    usa pet lover
    Holiday With Pets in USA

    Why pets are taken along for the vacation

    Pets are more sensitive and always accompany you wherever you go. Rental property we offer you is very luxurious for your family and also have a special room for your pets. We have the best trainer for pets those are consistently doing their health checkups, medical things like vaccination, etc. Which is very important so that no problem arises in future for travelers. If pets might bite someone else, then this would create a much problem among the travelers. Our concierge at the door is always ready to welcome your whole family and with your pet with a high overwhelming regards.

    Pets House

    Enjoy Pets Rentals

    Rental with pets

    Enjoy Floating rental With pets

    We have the best trained pets and even keep check on health, medical things like vaccination, etc., which is very important so that no problem arises in future for travelers because if they bite someone else then this would create much problem among the travelers. Our concierge at the door is always ready to welcome your whole family and with your pet with a high overwhelming regard.

    Ready to visit for places


    Visit Vacation Home Rentals With Pets

    Once you are ready to visit places according to your list, for which we also provide information about different destination with good spots, you look for conveyance for your family and loving pet. So we are there with a car for you and your pet too. Which will make your trip more enjoyable. It avoids the discomfort during the time of traveling. We have special food arrangement for pets like beef, water and bone. You don’t need to plan anything for your pet because we provide the best amenities from our side to keep them safe and feed properly with the appetites. Pets also has the same importance for us like you.

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    5 Best Destinations to Relish the moment of love in USA with your soulmates

     home For Rent

    Thousands of couples visited in U.S.A for vacation every year. There are most of the heartbreaking place in America which attracts so many travelers.Everyone loves to go for vacations for refreshing their mind and body to remove the physical and mental pressure of work and day-to-day life. This place has the variety of attractions, accommodations and outdoor dining options.


    Romantic Moment in Florida

    Florida is the place which is located in the southeast of the U.S.With its breathtaking resorts, iconic landmarks and top quality of food and wine, this city is very famous for enchanting romance. Here you can do most of the activities to stay with your spouse or friends. There are the popular bars and pubs where you can go and feel the pulse of love with your soulmate.If you are planning to spend a peaceful and luxurious vacation very close to the nature with your loved ones. Then this is the perfect and stunning place for your love.


    Vacation Home Rentals

    Pennsylvania is very cool, cosmopolitan, crowded and loving city by its fantastic persons. This place is very charming for couples to make love. On the day of valentine in Pennsylvania is well decorated with full of lights every corner of the city and in most of the restaurants valentine ceremony is conducted at very large scale. It has a vibrant culture of love and romance. Most of the iconic bakeries and trendy coffee shops are available in market to enjoy food with your love ones.



    Hawaii is the place which is located in the U.S. it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu.This place is very famous for love and romance because there is the environment of this place is very familiar and pleasant according to the condition of you especially this time in a year.Hawaii most of the attractive destinations are Oahu, Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, and Pearl Harbor. Its main metro city is Oahu, where the maximum number of the travelers come.


    Texas is the place where many of the couples came every year to try their luck in gambling. It has the luxurious arrangement of the best dining, shopping and nightlife in the world. Texas is the best romantic getaway of love if you’re planning to make your love here with the best hotels available at the beach sides from where you can see the gracious views of the island.This is the very big entertainment capital of the USA to make love with some of the special jolly momentwith your dear ones.


    rentals by ownerCalifornia is the best and a very loving place for couples to make love in open space.You can enjoy the VIP treatment on wine in restaurants of South End of California or Back Bay.
    If you are looking for the perfect place to stay at night in California with your Soulmates then you avail the best resort and villas at the beach sides with amazing valleys.Visit of California has been always remarkable and memorable for every traveler because it has the best gambling cities of America where anyone can try their luck. It is also known for street carnivals where persons perform in various kinds of attire.

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  • Top 7 Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in 2016

    Valentine day is celebrated in whole over the world at 14 February. This day is known for love. This is the day in a year which is full of excitement and at the peak in minds of lovers. Here we will tell you about the some romantic places in the world for your special valentine. This is the occasion of sharing flowers and many more with your dear ones.

    If you want to give something special to yoursweetheart, then you can also visit to any abroad country where romance is available in every corner. We will tell you about the some romantic places in the world for your special valentine.


    Valentine day in Paris is celebrated a lot in by the couples with full of excitement and love. Paris is the city which is very romantic and very well known for its world famous “Eiffel tower” where many of the couples gather and enjoy with tasty wines.


    This is the very special day of Florida because love is travelling in the air and can be showered on anyone. This place has a special plan for valentine this year with lots of enjoyment with their spouse and cool. This day is very excited and also known for love day.


    Valentine day in Spain is very romantic. You can enjoy the exotic moment of beach and sun sets. There are more places which have a musical eventfor this day of love. It is also called the romanticgetaway of couples.


    If you are in the mood of love, then Boston is the best place for you to enjoy this lovely day with your spouse and couples. There are most of the fun things available to enjoy this day. This is the day in a year which is full of excitement and at the peak in the minds of lovers.


    Valentine’s Day has no way to fall in love with anyone. You are gifted, roses, chocolates or anything else. The real name of this day is Saint Valentine’s Day. The couples who are in love can visit here and enjoy every moment with full of joy.

    New York:

    New York is the world most popular city and also known for its loving person. Valentine day has special importance of this place. This state has nice weather in February with lots of decoration everywhere in the city with full of lights.



    Like many other countries valentine day is celebrated a lot in Pennsylvania. To this day we give bouquets of flowers, cards and romantic dinners in fancy restaurants. It is celebrated in Pennsylvania with great love and in peculiar traditions. This place oozes romance from everywhere and also well preserved.

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  • Top 3 Outdoor Spaces To Spend Summertime on Your Rental Home


    The timing was awesome because summer had just started. And the time has come to make your next move in your favorite holiday destination- whether it is a beach holiday destination or a mountain sight holidays. For this you have to make a decision off the bat. Do you think for rent or want to buy?That’ never been an easy call, and this tepid housing market makes it even more difficult. But purchasing is not the best option, beat this summer traffic by choosing rental property. If you plan to rent a holiday home, stop at vacationhomerentproperty.com, we have a huge selection of best value and top rental homes for you to choose from.

    Vacation Home Rentals

    Spend time browsing this site – we offer a variety of related services to help plan for holidays. All our rental homes are highly spacious and have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Find a rental with amazing and fantastic outdoor activities to spend sweet summertime by the pool, around the fire pit and in the mid of beautiful garden. In addition, our vacation homes have world class recreation facilities. Aside from saving money, these are ideal for different travelers with diverse needs and varying budgets.

    Vacation Home Rentals

    Vacation Home Rentals

    Indulge yourself in the sparkling pool or soak in the, whatever you want can do. Relax under an umbrellawith dear ones. At sunset, enjoy dinner and cocktail seated around the pool overlooking the breathtaking views of moon light. There are a lot of chances to make your dream holidays with loved ones.


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  • Floating Rentals – Property to Rent in Florida

    People love Florida because of good food, warm weather and white sandy beaches. It is an exciting country for beach lovers. Travelers love Florida because of its world famous tourist attractions and adventure activities. Experience staying in a floating rental property and enjoy water adventure in the seas of Florida like deep sea diving, coral exploration, and many more. When you tell your friends, you are stayed on the floating water, you will really mean it! Have surreal holidays, to build some unforgettable memories.

    Vacation Home Rentals Property Florida

     Vacation Home Rentals Property Florida

    Floating rental home-this may sound like something amazing. But no doubt, this can happen in real! Awaking and living in the mid of water is the most idyllic, soothing and romantic way to spend the holidays in Florida. It makes sense as traveler, that you will be embraced by this relevance for the water. Floating rentals put you right on the water and a unique way to spend day alternative to cabins.

    Vacation Home Rentals Property Florida

                                                                                   Vacation Home Rentals Florida

    Chartering a yacht is not exactly an easy task. Rental houseboats, on the other hand, offer a chance to the tourists to take that opportunity, to have advantage of living on the water. And thanks to the popular rental site like vacation home rental property, to provide floating rental property with accommodation, at affordable rates, very easily. Ahead, search your rental property as per your need and requirements, with us.

    This truly memorable gateway combines all the comforts of a land based residence with the whimsy of your dreamlike drift on the water.


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  • Find Rituals in These Rental Homes

    Planning for holidays but don’t want to miss the rituals? You, of course, pack your bags with all yourfavorites, but might be you are surcharging for an extra weight.We have a better idea for you. You know many rental properties worldwide offer you the luxury of high rituals in these homes for your perfect stay? We have highlighted some rental properties on vacation home rental property that will pamper the discerning and demanding guests. Discover true hospitality in these rental properties that ensures you will feel completely like your own home.

    Custom House in Italy

    Italy House

    Explore this property that is really a magnificent brand of Ritual. Being located in the Campania, Naples, that is most wanted location of Italy. This home oozes rich and warm atmosphere overlooking the beach. Traditional Italian decoration property cares for the guests. It has been voted as the most romantic house in the Naples recently. We are sure that complimentary Rituals amenities will find in this unit.

    Villa Realitat in Spain

    Villa Realitat in Spain

    This 5 start rental property is located in the Madrid directly front on the beach. It offers you a panoramic and a crystal clear view of the ocean.Mild spring temperature, white sandy beaches and state of the art Spa makes this the best to explore and unwind in the dreamed luxury. Take a dip in the heated water pool and inspired by its healing properties. Plenty of entertainment not only for children, butadults as well parents to have relaxing holidays. Browse this property on vacation home rentalproperty and take advantage of luxurious offers.

    Villa Louis, Florida

    Villa Louis, Florida

    This luxurious and amazing rental property is located near the Miami beach, continues to maintain the architecture of the old convent. Surrounded by vineyards, this is 5 minutes away from shops and market. A unique and exceptional location is taken into the consideration of guests for an unforgettable stay.

    Vacation Apartment in Hamburg, Germany

    Vacation Apartment in Hamburg, Germany

    If you like German design, then move on this property to stay here. This home shows a glimpse of German traditional styles of the interior. This offers everything to make your holidays an unforgettable experience.The location is ideal for travelers as public transport and the airport is very near. Book your next stay with us.

    Kapoho Oceanfront Home, Hawaii

    Kapoho Oceanfront Home, Hawaii

    Find a relaxing hideaway in this holiday home. This is an oceanfront property that overlooks splendid glimpse of the outside. It represents a sign of traditional and modern Hawaii architecture. If you are a lover of fishing, hiking, snorkelling and diving, this is the best option for you. We cordially invite you to visit this big Island ocean front piece of paradise!

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